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 Operations & Outreach Manager la Insights.US / govjob.co.il
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full time Operations & Outreach Manager

בחברת Insights.US באיזור: כל הארץ

Insights.US is changing the way leaders make decisions.

We live in an era in which nobody is talking with anybody. And nobody is listening. Instead of talking with us - our leaders are talking to us. Or digging information about us. Why? The truth is, that while we all want to collaborate, it's tough to engage. It takes time and effort. So leaders prefer not to ask.

Insights solves the pain of civic engagement by using AI & NLP. After six years of working with governments & cities as consultants, last year we introduced the most advanced platform ever built to help cities think with their residents.

Our technology helped 4 governments (US, Germany, Austria and Israel), major corporations and dozens of cities to make better decisions, faster. So far, 82 per cent of the decisions have changed after using Insights.US.


We are looking for a full-time team member who can help us grow globally, find new clients and change the way they make decisions - while managing our daily operations in Israel. Our outreach manager MUST be a NATIVE English speaker, have excellent technical skills and a passion for making things happen.

As an outreach manager, you will be in charge of scheduling demo calls with city executives, government officials and nonprofits leaders. Some of these demo calls start with inbound leads of clients exposed to our content on the internet. Other calls require you to imagine the organizations you want us to work with, and make it happen. The US government? The Austrian parliament? The City of Austin TX? Everything is possible at Insights.US. You need to be capable to tailor our pitch in seconds, find the right people to reach out to, write a convincing (and short) email and make people intrigued.

As an operations manager, you will invest no more than 1.5 days in managing our daily operations. That means managing invoices we issue, paying bills and salaries, working with our providers and maintaining our office in Tel Aviv as the best place to work at. We are NOT looking for a secretary, but for a passionate, entry-level team member, who can assume responsibility on operations, while developing himself/herself professionally.

You MUST be a NATIVE English speaker (Hebrew is an advantage). You must have talent, commitment and passion (we care less about degrees or experience). You must be open for a bold mission in your life (and be available for a FULL TIME commitment). Relevant experience in cities, government and policy is an advantage. International students are welcome, as well as fathers and mothers working partially from home.


Operations & Outreach Manager responsibilities are:
Call and email inbound leads in order to schedule demo calls with a partner
Find relevant executives we can work with, based on our targeting
Reach out to agencies, cities and nonprofits to offer demo calls
Manage a pipeline of leads in various stages, to grow sales
Executive daily and weekly routines required to operate our company
Send invoices to clients and make sure they pay on time
Review our financial status and manage bank transactions
Pay bills and salaries, in collaboration with our accounting firm
Maintain our office space and keep it the best place to work at

Outreach Manager requirements are:
Native English

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